Mouse Trap Animal Friendly Re-Usable

Mouse Trap Animal Friendly Re-Usable

Product Description

Live-capture mouse trap is a safe friendly way to deal with unwanted mice. The trap door automatically drops behind the mouse when it crosses the treadle to reach the bait. There are plenty of ventilation holes to reduce stress of caught mice. Clear trap for quick inspection.
  • Welfare-Friendly Trap
  • Ready & Easy To Use
  • Approximate Dimensions: (W)4cm x (L)18cm x (H)4cm

How To Use the Humane Live Catch Mouse Trap
  1. Detach the bait section by squeezing the sides of the main trap section.
  2. Place bait in the trap and push the two sections back together.
  3. To attract mice use chocolate spread or peanut butter are suitable alternatives.
  4. Ensure food sources are removed from the treatment area.
  5. Ideal location for traps is against a wall, with the entrance parallel to the wall, in a protected area, away from people, animals and wildlife, where there are signs of mouse activity, such as fresh mouse droppings or near runways and feeding places.
  6. To release the mouse, either detach the bait section or simply lift the entrance flap.
  7. Check the trap regularly, at least every two hours to minimise stress caused to a trapped mouse.
  8. When releasing the mouse, do so at least a quarter of a mile away to ensure it doesn't return.
  9. It is important to note that as these traps capture mice alive they have the potential to gnaw through the plastic over a period of time, therefore it is essential to check the traps regularly and release as soon as possible an appropriate distance away.

Mice carry a variety of diseases, and should not be handled without protection.

Type: Pest Control

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