Ecover Biological Washing Tablets 32 per pack

Ecover Biological Washing Tablets 32 per pack 

Product Description

Our non-bio laundry powder is tough on stains, even at 30° degrees, with no optical brighteners and a mild formula and fragrance which are kind to your skin and our environment.
Get nature on your side
At Ecover, we have been pioneering green science for over 30 years to get nature on our side and bring you effective detergents which will give your laundry a wash that's both powerful and gentle on fabrics.
We choose renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients which are effective, reduce pollution and lessen the burden on our planet's resources.
If you were wondering why our products smell so nice, it's because we make the most of what our planet gives us... fresh naturally-derived fragrances.
Our products have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin so you can rest assured that using them will keep your clothes soft against your skin.

Pack Size: 980g

  • Plant-based & mineral ingredients
  • Naturally derived fragrance
  • Tackles tough stains even at 30°
  • Good Housekeeping Institute approved 2014
  • Cruelty-Free International
  • UNEP award
  • Suitable for septic tanks

Instructions for use:
Ecover Biological washing tablets are recommended for whites and colourfast laundry. They are convenient and economical to use.
60°C, 40°C, 30°C.
Open the film around the tablets with the tearstrip and place the tablets into the dispenser.
Remember to check your garments' washing instructions.
Tablets are not recommended for handwashing.
Run your machine as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Washing tips:
For woollens and other delicate fabrics use Ecover Delicate.
Using Ecover Fabric Softener will make your washing softer, with a mild fragrance.
Choose the lowest possible washing temperature.
Correct dosing reduces the impact of washing on the environment.

Preparation and Usage
For colourfast colours. Open the film around the tablet with tearstrip and place the tablet into the dispenser. Add Ecover bleach into the dispenser for whiter whites. For woollens and other delicate fabrics, use Ecover delicate. Remember to check your garments' washing instructions. Run your machine following the manufacturer's instructions.

See pack for full dosage instructions.
Not suitable for wool and silk.
Not suitable for handwashing.

15-30%: Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agent, Zeolite, 5-15%: Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, <5%: Soap, Perfume (Limonene, Linalool), Enzymes, Others: Cellulose, Disodium Disilicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Bleach Activator, Polypeptide, Sodium Citrate, Bentonite, Glycerin, Magnesium Sulfate, Methylcellulose, Cellulose Gum

Type: Unknown Type

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