Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions


General JammyShop Loyalty scheme Terms and Conditions

The Jammyshop loyalty scheme and benefits are operated by KLBooks Limited t/a Jammyshop, 13 West Parkside, Warlingham, Surrey, CR6 9PT Registered in England & Wales: company no. 04581636. Please do not send correspondence to this address.

To get the latest terms and conditions or for general enquiries please call 0345  TBC†, or visit www.jammyshop.com / loyaltyscheme

Jammyshop can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme, including these terms and conditions or any individual Jammyshop account at any time All Jammyshop loyalty programmes belong to JammShop and is only valid in the UK. We do not issue additional loyalty discounts for the same account. If we identify that you hold two or more loyalty accounts, we may merge them into one account at our discretion.

The Jammyshop loyalty scheme is for personal use only; business use is strictly prohibited and constitutes abuse. Jammyshop reserves the right, at point of purchase or retrospectively, to determine whether a transaction constitutes business usage.

Jammyshop can take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending a loyalty account and points accrued if we have reason to believe you are abusing the scheme. Use of additional offers and benefits associated with your Jammyshop loyalty Scheme are subject to availability. Jammyshop will remove loyalty points from loyalty scheme accounts that haven't been used for two years or have been closed.

To benefit from the Jammyshop loyalty scheme you must be a United Kingdom resident aged 12 years or over. Jammyshop will not communicate with a customer until an appropriate age of consent is reached.

Data protection

Jammy Shop is committed to protecting your privacy. We will always keep your personal information safe, will never sell it to third parties and will only send you marketing material if you have agreed we can do so. Please refer to our  privacy policy for full details of how and why we use your personal information.

Collecting Jammyshop Loyalty points

The standard number of points you will collect are four Jammyshop Loyalty points for every £1 you spend on qualifying purchases. After shopping online on jammyshop.com, your points will automatically be uploaded onto your Jammyshop Loyalty account within five days of your products being dispatched.

Points are not available on gift boxes and delivery charges for purchases made online. Points are not available on gift cards except during special promotional events.

During Jammyshop Loyalty points events, existing points promotions will not be multiplied.

Jammyshop reserves the right to withdraw Jammyshop Loyalty points promotions/offers without notice.

Spending Jammyshop Loyalty points

One point is worth one penny to spend on products online at jammyshop.com. We will not exchange Jammyshop loyalty points for cash and the offer is non-transferable.

Points cannot be spent on gift cards, postage stamps, mobile phone top-up cards, gift boxes and delivery charges. You must have enough Jammyshop Loyalty points to cover the cost of the item; you cannot make a part payment of points towards a product or service.

We reserve the right to substitute or remove products and services available for Jammyshop Loyalty points collection and redemption online without notice

Spending points may be subject to network availability

Returning goods

If you return a product for a refund, we will deduct the number of points collected from your Jammyshop loyalty account. If a product you buy with Jammyshop loyalty points is faulty, please return it as set out in Jammyshop returns policy. If necessary, we will credit your account with the right number of points. No cash refund will be given in these circumstances