The Top 7 Things to Disinfect to Stay Healthy

by Bold Apps January 23, 2017

The Top 7 Things to Disinfect to Stay Healthy

Do you want to know how to stay healthy during cold and flu season? Do you want to avoid catching a virus that could leave you sick in bed for a week or more, missing work and feeling miserable? If anyone in your family or one of your coworkers has recently had a cold, there is a very good chance that you will too. That is, unless you use our handy guide on the top 7 things that you should disinfect today to stay healthy and avoid catching a cold or the flu.

Here are some things that you should disinfect right away. Be sure to use a good quality disinfectant and one that is safe for all surfaces.

Your phone. You use your smartphone for everything from work calls and making dinner reservations, to calling to make a doctor’s appointment, and this is one of the leading carriers of cold and flu viruses.

The remote control. Many people forget about this one, but everyone in the house touches it and they don’t usually wash their hands first.

The bathroom. Your bathroom faucets have cold and flu viruses on them any time someone in your home has a cold or the flu. If someone is sick, be sure to give them their own hand towel to use and when cleaning the bathroom, don’t reuse your cleaning cloth or disinfectant wipe.

Tables. Your kitchen tables, coffee tables, play-area tables and night tables are touched often throughout the day and they can hold germs and viruses which can adhere to your food or utensils and end up in your mouth.

Computers. Computer keyboards, mice and other hardware can hold germs and should be wiped down with a computer specific cleaner daily.

Stuffed animals. If one of your children are sick, be sure to wash their stuffed animals in hot water on a gentle cycle when they are better. Any stuffies that are not washable, should be kept away from everyone in the house for a few days.

Sheets, blankets, towels. Your sheets, towels and blankets should always be washed in hot water and with a colour safe detergent. This will help kill any germs and ensure that the cold virus doesn’t spread.

     Another useful tip is to ensure that everyone in your home washes their hands often and you should do the same when you are at work. Soap and water works best or you could use a gentle hand sanitiser.

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