The Many Household Uses for Vinegar

by Bold Apps January 27, 2017

The Many Household Uses for Vinegar

From cleaning and removing stains, to natural health and beauty remedies, there are literally hundreds of uses for household vinegar. Read our list of some of the many household uses for distilled white vinegar. 

Cleaning with Vinegar

  • Use vinegar to clean the filter on your humidifier. Just soak it in a pan of equal parts vinegar and warm water.
  • Saturate a cloth with vinegar and sprinkle with baking soda, and then use it to clean fibreglass tubs and showers.
  • Clean your oven using a combination of vinegar and baking soda and scrubbing well.
  • Clean and deodorise your toilet bowl by pouring undiluted white vinegar into it. Let stand for five minutes, then flush.
  • Clean windows to a streak free shine by using a solution of one part white vinegar to 10 parts warm water.
  • To clean drip coffeemakers, fill the reservoir with white vinegar and run it through a brewing cycle. Rinse thoroughly with clean water before using.
  • To remove bad odours from your refrigerator or freezer, wipe the inside with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, then wipe dry.
  • Use a sponge dampened with vinegar to clean shower curtains.

Remove Clothing Stains with Vinegar

  • Break down uric acid and soapy residue by adding a cup of vinegar to each wash load during the rinse cycle.
  • Remove chewing gum from clothing by rubbing it with full-strength vinegar.
  • Remove paint stains by soaking clothing in hot vinegar.

Health and Beauty Remedies with Vinegar

  • Rinsing your hair with vinegar after a shampoo will make hair shinier. Be sure to use one-tablespoon vinegar to one-cup of warm water.
  • To relieve the itching of insect bites, apply full strength vinegar to the bite.
  • Rubbing cider vinegar on your skin will help to repel pesky insects.

     What are some of the ways you use vinegar around your house? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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