Getting the Most from Your Fitness Tracker

by Bold Apps January 17, 2017

Getting the Most from Your Fitness Tracker

Did you either get a fitness tracker as a holiday gift or purchase one yourself as part of a New Year’s resolution to get fit? Maybe you are considering buying a fitness tracker and are wondering how effective they are. No matter what your goal is, a fitness tracker is only as good as the wearer and we are going to share some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your fitness tracker.

Knowing how much you are walking, running or cycling is important and can help you set target goals and reach them much more effectively. A fitness tracker will show you your activity and keep you motivated as you reach your targets and set new ones. Some fitness trackers have the ability to set targets and goals built into their software, but if not, there are a wide range of third-party apps that can do that for you.

Another way to get the most out of your fitness tracker is to get competitive with others on one of the fitness social media apps. Some let you create targets and share them with others as you work to keep each other motivated while you reach your fitness goals.

Be sure to reward yourself for a job well done. Sure, the sense of achievement can be its own reward, but we all need to know that we are working towards something and that there is a reward for reaching that goal. The reward doesn’t always have to be food related as many diets teach. You could treat yourself to a spa day, a new pair of shoes or just a couple of hours immersed in your favourite hobby.

 Any time you are exercising and trying to lose weight, you should log your food intake. Knowing what you are putting into your body and how much is important as it will teach you responsible eating habits and give you an opportunity to cut back on calories. Many fitness trackers don’t offer this feature, but third parts apps are available that do.

Finally, a fitness tracker is only useful if it is on your wrist. Do your best not to take it off and make it a routine to charge it overnight and put it on in the morning. Many are water resistant so you can wear them in the shower or when swimming. By leaving it on as often as possible, not only will it be there for your next workout, but it will keep you mindful of your activity and make you more aware of your personal fitness and calorie intake.

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