Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

by Bold Apps December 19, 2016

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

With the cold weather soon upon us, many people notice that their skin is much drier than normal. This could lead painful cracking, embarrassing lines and blemishes and an overuse of moisturisers. Rather than harming your skin by leaving it dry, or applying too much makeup to cover it up or too much skin cream to add more moisture to it, try the following tips instead. These 10 Cold Weather Skin Care Tips will have your skin looking good in no time regardless of the weather. 

  1. Don’t crank up the heat. When it is cold outside, we often turn up the heat inside. This could dry out your skin leaving it flaky and itchy. Instead, wear a sweater or other warm apparel and leave the thermostat alone.
  2. Start using your humidifier. A humidifier can add enough moisture to the air that your skin will feel soft and supple without being overly dry.
  3. Take warm, not hot, showers. A long hot shower will strip the water and natural oils in your skin leaving it dry and cracked. Taking short, warm showers will keep the moisture in your skin.
  4. Don’t use harsh soaps. Deodorant and antibacterial soaps are especially harsh on your skin and can leave it very dry and itchy. Find a good moisturising soap that is free from harsh chemicals or additives.
  5. Give your hands extra moisturiser. You should moisturise your hands every time you wash them to avoid itchy, cracked skin.
  6. Soften your feet. Regular body lotion is not enough for your feet. You should use a cream designed specifically for your feet and that can keep them and crack free.
  7. Avoid excessive facial exfoliating. By reducing the frequency of facial peels and masks, you can avoid irritating your skin. These products can dry your skin stripping away valuable moisture.
  8. Choose fragrance-free and dye-free options. The irritants found in everyday products that contain fragrance or dyes can leave your skin dry, itchy and peeling after just a couple of uses in cold weather.
  9. Wear soft natural fabric clothing. Abrasive or irritating fabrics like wool or polyester can irritate your skin leaving it red and itchy. Soft fabrics such as cotton should be used against your skin if you are going to wear these fabrics.
  10. Eat healthy. High-antioxidant fruits and vegetables including cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin, pomegranate and squash are in season right now and should be added to your diet for healthy, soft skin.

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